Building Your Personal Brand : A Conversation With Roxy Burger

In a survey conducted by We Are Social earlier this year, it was revealed that out of the 3.17 billion internet users in the world, 2.3 billion are using it to access social media. Whether you are an aspiring personality, DJ, singer, actor, journalist, photographer or influencer, you NEED to create a presence online that will attract potential fans/clients/customers. Your ability to consistently create and distribute content that engages with this massive user base is essential to your growth and success in the day and age that we live in.

There are no “hacks” or “short cuts” that will grow your brand (although some do hit the jackpot through the virality of what they post, but that’s a topic for another day), so it is absolutely vital to create something unique to your own brand. Consistent quality and the ability to tell a story that engages with your audience are the foundation of a strong online brand.

Few people come to mind when it comes to local personalities who leverage their brands successfully online and who understand the digital landscape, but one of them sticks out from the rest. Whether you grew up with her as the face of KTV or you’ve read one of her fashion tips on her blog, you undoubtedly cannot dispute that Roxy Burger is a formidable name in the game of online personalities and influencers. I had a chat with her to hopefully shed some light on the world of personal brands and how to monetize them.


For the few people out there who might not know who you are, how would you describe yourself and what you do? 

Roxy : I’m a broadcaster and content creator who uses various different media. From TV to digital and my blog I love creating content. My main work is on 5FM and Top Billing and

What made you decide to get into the entertainment industry?

Roxy : I’ve always loved the idea of broadcasting. I wanted to be a KTV presenter after watching the show and being an avid fan.

You were an iconic figure among the first generation of “Teen personalities” to take South African television by storm. Given the rise in popularity of Teen personalities on platforms like YouTube & Music.Ally, what advice would you offer someone in their teens looking to get into the entertainment industry?

Roxy : Know that you will be giving up a lot in order to pursue a career in broadcasting. So make sure this is something you really want. And do it because you love it, not because you want to be famous.

In the vast world of social media platforms, what do you believe are platforms people should be focusing on when trying to grow their brands in the entertainment industry?

Roxy : YouTube is most definitely a platform you should be investing your time in. Snapchat and Instagram stories also allow you to broadcast in a special way. It’s exciting from the perspective that you will then own your content and not have to hand over the rights to anyone.

Do you believe there is a “hack” or “fast track” to growing your personal brand?

Roxy : No. It takes hard work, strategic decisions and lots of time.

There is a lot of money to be made online as a ‘personality / influencer’, at what point should someone start looking at monetizing their brand?

Roxy : When you are confident that you have created a consistent perspective and way of communicating then you can possibly investigate the above. Authenticity is key to the manner in which you do things if you’d like to work as an influencer.

Do you have any advice to offer personalities who are looking to approach brands for partnerships / endorsement opportunities?

Roxy : Be you. Don’t try and copy other blogs or personalities. You are the only you. Also offer brands detailed proposals on how you would like to execute a campaign with them. Have stats on the ready too. Something like a media kit and rate card is an essential.

Follow Roxy Burger online : 

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