Apple Music gets a facelift.

If you’re as loyal to Apple products as I am, you would’ve likely seen the announcements last week at their ‘Special  event’ launching the iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, new MacBook Pro, new Apple Watch iOS as well as iOS10 iPhone update. The most notable take away for me was that the new iOS update features a facelift to Apple’s music streaming service (If you’re a real nerd, you would’ve likely already been playing with this as they began to role out the Beta updates of the new iOS). The new iOS rolled out in South Africa over the last 24 hours and after playing with the newly designed music app, I must admit I am impressed.

Customize your library

When you open the app for the first time you’ll be welcomed by the first noticeable change. Your recently added music has been moved to the bottom of the screen and replaced by a customizable library menu (simply hit the edit button and you’re able to order by preference as well as select what you do and don’t want to see).


Better For You

Along with the new design, it’s believed there have been back end technology improvements to provide you with smarter, more appropriate suggestions for your music taste. You will be fed Day-specific playlists and albums that you may enjoy as well as a “Favourites” and “New Music” mix that will update every week.

Browse is the new New

If you’re familiar with the service, you might find yourself looking for the ‘New’ tab. This has subsequently been replaced with ‘Browse’ on the new iOS10 update. You’ll be able to to scroll through the new releases for the week as well as accessing curator playlists from some of the most influential brands from around the world and search through the top streamed singles and albums at the moment.


Easy to find Search

Apple have clearly heard the cries of the masses who complained that the search button was inconveniently placed and have dedicated an entire tab to make it as easily accessible as possible for their users.


Staying Connected

Along with the initial roll-out of Apple Music last year, Apple introduced their version of a social media platform for their users – Connect. The advantage of being an artist and releasing your music through iTunes & Apple Music, means that anyone with that has purchased one of your tracks, and who subscribes to Apple Music, will automatically follow your Artist profile on Connect. On the previous version of the app, Connect was a dedicated tab but it has since been shoved to the bottom of your ‘For You’ tab. Whether this is an indication of a lack of interaction from users or simply prioritising what they believed more important, we don’t know, but it’s not likely to grab people’s attention in it’s new home.


Karaoke Party

If you’re a budding songwriter looking for inspiration or simply looking to have some fun at your next drinks party, you can now view the lyrics to your favourite songs within the app. Bring on the drunken karaoke party.



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